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Program Overview


Baywood's educational mission is implemented through a research-based approach with an emphasis on the standards and frameworks. Keys to Baywood's success have been:

  1. Response to Intervention Program through which we analyze student data, identify academic and social/emotional issues and plan interventions
  2. Social Emotional Learning through Lifeskills and the 6 Seconds Model integrated throughout the Baywood experience, that models good character and provides tools for empowerment;
  3. Reflection and evaluation by the staff through the Grade Level Planning and Collaboration;
  4. Community outreach programs destined to embrace our Latino Community.

Baywood has a multi-media library, computer lab, physical education, music and art programs and other enrichment opportunities. Education is highly valued by our learning community, with fundraising efforts continuing to provide the intervention and enrichment programs necessary for development of the whole child. Numerous PTA committees and our School Site Council work tirelessly to ensure success for all children.