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Room Parents


Each classroom has Room Parents. These individuals help the teacher organize the activities of the classroom, from field trips to daily volunteer schedules, celebrations, crafts and other enrichment projects. You will have the opportunity to work closely with your teacher and make the classroom the best it can be! This essential work done by parent’s like you is one of the reasons Baywood is such an amazing school!

The work “positions” that you will divide among your team include:

  • Class Communicator
  • Talent Show Coordinator (Grades K-1)
  • Volunteer Coordinator/Scheduler
  • Field Trip Coordinator
  • Class Party Coordinator
  • Yearbook Photo Coordinator

The positions all have different requirements and commitments and each member of your team should volunteer to take on at least one position. In addition, your teacher may have one or more additional positions that she needs filled. Our job is to help you do yours.

Get an overview of the positions or a deep-dive through the Room Parent Handbook.

To that end, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Please remember that your work throughout the year is invaluable and so much appreciated!

Thank you!

Michelle Adle and Diane Hafoka
PTA Room Parent Coordinators


Below is a high-level overview of each Room Parent role. To better understand the details of each job, please review the Handbook.

Class Communicator

The Class Communicator is responsible for email and written communications between the teacher and the parents in the class as requested by the teacher directly. The position is responsible for creating an online group for the class (such as Shutterfly) to facilitate communication. The position will also act as the lead for teacher appreciation week activities and gifts for the teacher or is responsible for recruiting a volunteer to act as this lead. In addition, this position will assist in recruiting additional volunteers for Room Parent positions requested by the teacher.

Talent Show Coordinator (Grades K-1)

The Talent Coordinator will assist with the coordination of the annual Baywood talent show. The coordinator will work the classroom teachers in coordinating the talent show act, the permission slips and the logistics of the talent show day. This person along with the other talent show coordinators from the same grade may also be responsible for creating the talent show act for the performance.

Volunteer Coordinator/Scheduler

The Volunteer Coordinator/Scheduler is responsible for organizing the in-class volunteer schedule each month based on the teacher’s need for assistance. Organizing will include recruiting parent volunteers, including LEAP volunteers, generating a schedule based on the teacher’s needs and the parents’ availability, distributing the schedule to the teacher and parents, and assisting in the fulfillment of the schedule.

Field Trip Coordinator

The Field Trip Coordinator is responsible for assisting the teacher with the preparation required prior to field trips. At the beginning of the year, the field trip coordinator collects funds for grade level field trip fund. The needs of each teacher vary but the role may include organizing permission slips, recruiting drivers, following up with families with missing slips, preparing the documentation needed for the day of the field trip and helping file the forms for reimbursement from the grade level field trip fund.

Class Party Coordinator

The Class Party Coordinator works with the teacher to host parties in the classroom during the year. This position requires you to volunteer in the classroom on the days of parties.

Yearbook Liaison

The Yearbook Photo Coordinator will collect photos of the class throughout the year for possible inclusion in the yearbook. The role will also assist Yearbook Editors in editing/reviewing names and photos from the class to ensure accuracy and inclusion of all students. The Yearbook Committee will provide you with the deadlines for photo submission, as well as guidance regarding the types of photos needed.

Additional Positions Your Teacher May Request

Scholastic Book Coordinator, Talent Show Coordinator, Snack Coordinator, Spanish Translator, Gardening Coordinator, Webmaster or other positions.


Please download the 2017-2018 Room Parent Handbook 

 2017-2018 Room Parents

Click here to access the list of room parents for the 2017-2018 school year.