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Art Education

Baywood's PTA funds Community School of Music and Art's award-winning in-school Art4Schools curriculum. Baywood students develop hands-on technical skills and an understanding of the language of art while also learning art appreciation and cultural understanding of art and its history.

CSMA's professional art teachers guide and encourage learning and creative expression through sequential lessons in drawing, painting, sculpting and more. All art classes teach a concept such as line, shape, color, and develop basic technical skills. Lessons are often inspired by a cultural or historical context that encourages students to explore new worlds and view life from other perspectives. Art lessons also coordinate with students' classroom curriculum to become an integral, enriching part of each child’s education.

All CSMA lessons meet the California State Standard for Visual Arts and emphasize:

  • Creative expression and decision-making
  • Art appreciation and cultural understanding of art origins/history
  • Developing technical skills
  • Understanding language of art (line, shape, pattern, balance, etc.)

In addition to developing individual creativity, skills learned through art education improve development in other subjects, build self-esteem and develop cultural curiosity, critical thinking and creativity.

As Baywood's arts education provider, CSMA offers:

  • Sequential, skills-building art education taught by professional art instructors
  • Program administration, including hiring, training and teacher scheduling
  • Adapting programs to support grade- level curriculum and align with state standards
  • Partnerships with schools on scheduling and evaluation
  • Teacher and student materials and supplies
  • Art exhibit opportunities

End-of-the-year student art exhibits present pieces of art created by every child in the program and let students experience the joy of sharing their artistry with family and friends. Community shows throughout the year exhibit student work at local libraries, businesses, school district offices and other venues.