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2018-2019 Registration dates and information


November 4, 2017-TK/Kindergarten Registration-(please see schedule below)

November 15, 2017-Registration for NEW 1st-5th Grade Students-  (by appointment)

Incoming TK/Kindergarten Student Registration- November 4, 2017

BAYWOOD TK and Kindergarten REGISTRATION will be Saturday November 4 at Baywood. We will pre-register students in batches by last name to avoid waiting in long lines.

8:30 - 10:00 Last Names beginning with A-D

10 - 11:30Last Names beginning with E-M

12:30 - 2:00Last Names beginning with N-S

2:00 - 3:00 Last Names beginning with T-Z

New 1st-5th Grade Student Registration- November 15, 2017

Please call the administration office at 650-312-7511 to set up a time to register.

Please bring:

  1. Child’s original birth certificate or passport
  2. Child's original, up-to-date immunization record -
  3. Child's original Report of Health Examination for School Entry (encouraged at Kindergarten but not required until 1st grade)
  4. Parent identification - driver license or other photo I.D.
  5. Proof of residency - One ORIGINAL and current proof of residency is required from each of the following groups:
Group One
  • Current property tax bill
  • Current rental/lease agreement listing the parent/guardian name, child name(s), and name of property manager/owner and telephone number
  • Current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy
  • State or federal tax return with a W-2 attached (please remove social security number and income information from these documents before submitting)
  • Payroll/check stub with name and address
Group Two:
  • Current utility bill (e.g. PG&E, telephone, water, garbage, or cable TV).
    Bill must be dated within the past 60 days. New residents will have 30 days following enrollment to bring a utility bill
Affidavit of Residence

If both the student and the parent are living in a home where the parent's name does not appear on the proof of residence, both the parent and the person with whom the parent/child resides must sign an Affidavit of Residence. The homeowner/lease holder must submit two original proofs of residency (one from each group listed above), and show a picture ID in person. The parent is then required to submit one additional original proof of residency in their name within 30 days. A renewed Affidavit and proof of residency may be required each subsequent year.