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Classroom Supplies

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Thank you for contributing supplies to your child's classroom. We appreciate your generosity. To access your child's classroom supply list please select your child's teacher's name or grade level below. Thank you again!


Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten

First Grade

Ms. Barrango

Ms. Ferrari

Mrs. George

Mrs. Poeschl

Mrs. Sprague

Second Grade

Ms. Jordan

Ms. Fletcher

Ms. Conway

Mrs. Lowenthal

Mrs. Fanourgiakis

Mrs. Estrada/Weitzman

Third Grade

Mr. Beebe

Mrs. Chan

Mrs. Givens

Mrs. Hafoka

Mrs. Kontonis/Cowan

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Cornwell

Ms. Kostello

Mrs. Moreci

Mrs. Weinstein

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Lionberger

Mrs. MacArthur

Mrs. Sardella

Mrs. Studebaker



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