Environmental Education

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The Environmental Education Committee’s mission is to educate Baywood students about the natural environment and inspire them to act to preserve and protect it. Through various programs throughout the year, we strive to instill in them a respect for the natural world, expose them to issues facing our environment, and teach them how they can make a difference. Throughout the process, our goal is to always make it fun, interesting, and empowering.

Walk to School Day, Why It Is So Important

Each year Walk To School Day shows a dramatic increase in the number of Baywood students that walked to school on that day since the year before. Many students continue to walk to school throughout the year, getting an early start and enjoying some fresh morning air, yet many others do not.

This year, it was important to make an even greater effort to help students get out of the car. With all grade levels arriving at Baywood at 8:00 a.m., traffic congestion is a bigger issue than ever. Walking can really help alleviate some of the problem (and just as importantly, walking to school is good for you!).

Please feel free to email me Jennifer Kuhn, chair of the Environmental Education Committee, at jennifer.c.kuhn@gmail.com with your thoughts and ideas about how to make walking to school safer, easier, and more convenient.

Waxed Paper Bags

Instead of using plastic sandwich bags in lunch boxes, consider instead using waxed paper bags which are much better for the environment. Please email Breeze editor Tiffany Silva at tiffanysilva@gmail.com for a list of vendors which sell waxed paper bags.