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Mrs. Givens' Class

 Important Dates

February 14 - Valentine's Day

February 19 - President's Day (No School)

February 25 - Talent Show

March 6 - Woodside Store Field Trip


Red homework folders are due every morning, except Monday.

-Read 20-30 minutes & write the book title on the homework sheet daily. 

-Math Sheet due daily                    

-Spelling Sheet due Friday

-Weekly Envelopes will be sent home Friday.  They are due back on Tuesday, Feb. 20.


Read Aloud: Half Upon a Time Author: James Riley

Reading: Students will read and compare the the phonograph, record/cd player, and digital devices.  They will also review how to write a summary for the nonfiction article about this topic.

Writing: Students will begin planning an opinion piece about what they think is the most useful inventions out of the ones we have read about.

Language Lessons: Irregular Verbs, Punctuating Dialogue, and Comparative and Superlative (good, better, best, bad, worse, worst)

Math: Topic 11 Review & Test(Geometry/Shapes), Time Unit Week 1 Day 1-3

Science: Students will continue to learn about the sun.  This week they will learn about why we have seasons.

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Classroom Wishlist is where you can go to purchase supplies and curriculum items needed for the classroom.

Links to Sites

AR Book Finder is an online tool to look up a book's reading level.

Scholastic Book Order. When ordering books online, use the Class Activation Code GV3F6.

Ten Marks is an online math practice and enrichment program. You will get your child's username and password at our conference.

Growth Mindset Videos are videos we have watched and discussed in class. We are practicing to have a growth mindset, which is the idea that we can all get smarter and our brains can get stronger with more effort.

Common Core Standards are the academic standards for K-12 literacy and math education.