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Additional Resources

Additional Teaching Resources

The student/teacher ratio is set by the school district acting on State mandates and funding. The Baywood PTA  and district fund pay for certain academic aides and resource teachers. This funding allows teachers to work with smaller groups of students in these  ways:

  1. Rotating groups – Each classroom is split on a rotating basis. While half the class is attending PE, computer lab, or at the library, the other half of the class focuses on Math or Language Arts. This program helps our teachers cover the core curriculum and meet students’ individual needs.
  2. Additional academic aides – These aides assist teachers with core curriculum instruction.
  3. Reading Intervention Teachers - These teachers target instruction for individual or small groups of students to boost their reading skills.  Students are provided with instruction at their reading levels.  
  4. ELD Teacher - Students will be provided with designated language acquisition support based on their English Language proficiency level.