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Principal's Message

August 2017

Welcome to Baywood Elementary School.  Mrs. Driscoll and  I are excited about the upcoming school year.  Our aim is to create a fun, friendly and safe environment for all students. Programs we are implementing have these goals in mind.  We strive to ensure that all students reach their potential and beyond. 

Our goal is to closely align our work with the district’s vision – San Mateo Foster City School District educates and inspires students to live, lead and learn with integrity and joy. 

Academic Standards: We hold students to a high academic standard and strive to increase achievement for all learners.   Our dedicated teaching staff works hard to ensure that all students are learning every day.  Lessons are designed with children in mind.  

Last year we implemented  a new math program, enVision; we used a new assessment system for monitoring progress in reading; and we designed lesson structures to include strategies for all learners. This year we will implement a new reading program: Benchmark Advanced. 

Social Emotion Learning continues as an area of focus for us this year.  To deepen students understanding of the model to know yourself, choose yourself and give yourself, we introduced a change maker Jane Goodall.  Students will continue to learn about Dr. Goodall and her accomplishments throughout the year and tie them to our model:

Know Yourself - building self-awareness.

Choose Yourself - strengthening self-management.

Give Yourself - committing to self-direction. 

Our parent education focus this year will be to share with you what is happening in the classroom and to strengthen our home school connection.  Please plan on attending our parent meetings throughout the year.  Dates and topics will be in the Tuesday Mail and can also be located in the Baywood Calendar

On the playground we believe recess should be fun and energetic; safe and inclusive for everyone. We are continuing to partner with Playworks to provide structured play opportunities for all students at recess.

Attendance: Children cannot benefit from the enriching experiences we provide if they are not in school.  Please bring your child to school on time every day.  Do your best to schedule appointments before and after school and vacations during our breaks.

Safety: We want to ensure that your children are safe and well cared for everyday they are with us.  Safety is of paramount concern.  We want to assure you that we have taken every appropriate measure to assure the safety and well-being of all students, all day every, day they are with us.  Please take a moment and get enrolled in our volunteer sign in system.  This allows us account for all adults on campus and track volunteer hours for the PTA.  Children are supervised on the yard from 8:00 am until the 8:20 bell.  Do not leave your children unattended before that time.  While we encourage families to walk to and from school, for those of you who need to use the drop off, please allow plenty of time in the morning.  Also, help with safety.  If you see a door open that should be closed, shut it.  If you see a gate unlocked let us know. 

After school please make certain your child knows where your pick up or meeting spot is.  Gates will be open a few minutes prior to dismissal.  Parents picking up primary children at 2:35 are asked to wait with them in the lower lunch court area if you are waiting for older siblings.  NO children are allowed to wait for older siblings without adult supervision.  We still have PE classes and afterschool programs going on.

Baywood is a wonderful community.  I liken us to a small town school.  Everyone knows everyone, we all look after each other’s children; we want the best for our school. Communication is key, both between home and school and between families.  Get Involved! Join the PTA and come to our PTA/parent education meetings.  Also support our school activities such as, Dad’s Club, Fall Festival and our Auction.  Please partner with us.