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General Rule -Have Fun, Be Friendly, Stay Safe

Consequences - Recess and lunch play is a privilege. If students are playing in an inappropriate manner, recess and/or lunch play may be taken away. Students may be benched, lose playtime for a number of days or be sent home if the inappropriate behavior continues after warnings and benching. Students may also be assigned campus beautification in lieu of suspension.
Injury - In case of injury, notify a yard duty person, immediately.
Before School - Student supervision for Grades 1-5 begins 15 minutes prior to the first bell.
Bells - When the bells rings, after recess and lunch, Students "FREEZE", take a know and AFTER THE WHISTLE and walk immediately to line.
Play Structure Area - This is a walking only area.

  • Slides - Slide down one at a time. Do not climb up or on the outside of the slide.
  • Bars - Students go in one direction. No sitting on top of the bars. No "cherry drops". Always hold on with two hands. 

Wall or Handball - To be played only in designated areas.
Food - Food is eaten in the table areas only. No paper, plastic or cans are allowed in the play area. Students are expected to put their trash in the garbage cans provided.
Access Corridors and Office - No students are to be inside our corridors, except for using the bathroom facilities and passing between classes. If students feel that they need to go to the office for any reason, please obtain an "office pass" from a yard supervisor for that purpose. Students are expected to solve problems with the help of the yard duty staff and conflict management teams before coming to the office. If they cannot help you, they will be glad to give you a pass.
No Toys - Balls - Radios - Cards - Inline Skates - Scooters - Students are not to bring toys, balls, radios, inline skates, scooters or the like from home.
After School - Students are not to play on the yard after dismissal unless they are under the direct supervision of an adult. Students are not to wait on the yard for older siblings